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power and mains phase control integrated circuit

Hendon Semiconductor’s power and mains phase control and triac triggering integrated circuit is designed to replace the now obsolete TCA280B, the superceeded OM5428 and other similar types of phase control circuits.

IES5528 is designed to drive current modern high reliability; high sensitivity three quadrant triacs that uses negative triac triggering. Other features include soft start capability to eliminate the effect of high starting torque hence reducing the wear and tear of motors.

The flexibility of the IES5528 makes it suitable for applications such as

  • Phase control
  • Electric motor controller
  • Motor speed control
  • Soft start control
  • Synchronous on/off switching
  • Temperature control
  • Time proportional control
  • Resistive and inductive loads

Other technologies have developed to perform mains power control functions, where professional levels of performance are demanded, however the IES5528 is intended for applications where cost effective, more simply achieved performance is sought.



Suited for both industrial and domestic home applications. Typical applications include:

  • Kitchen Appliances – Blender, Mixers
  • Domestic home appliances – vacuum cleaners, washing machines, light dimmers
  • Motor speed control, with soft start for Power Tools – Power drills, grinders, chain saws
  • Speed control of cooling fans, exhaust fans and blowers

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